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The Power of a Team

Yesterday I went to see “Sister Act” in the London Theatre District. After a slow start, the show really went off. Just amazing.

The thing that stroke my mind was “Whaw, what I see here is not just the actors on stage but really the power of a team”. From the sound people, the decorators, the amazing set and staging (just incredible, how fast, inventive, creative, flawless) to the actors on stage. This is only possible with a well-oiled machine and the chemistry between the people working on the production. Their hard work and tons of rehearsals all get to a climax when they receive their well deserved standing ovation at the end. That’s why they do it. That’s when they are proud to be part of the team. That’s why they go the extra mile.

Nothings come to live without the passion and chemistry between people. People make things happen. That’s also what drives me in this industry and where I get the most satisfaction. Never forget the people you work with, all of them!!