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UEFA Champions League Final: Football Money League

This evening Manchester United and FC Barcelona are playing the UEFA Champions League Final in Rome (Italy); a multi-million dollar game. The winner gets 7 million euros extra.  A perfect opportunity to have the first post about sports marketing.

Soccer has become big business over the years. While clubs in the past were run rather amateuristic and mostly by a small group of friends, today any top team is at least a medium sized business on its own, led by a board of directors and a management team.

According to the Footbal Money League (a report by Deloitte) the top 20 clubs in Europe all have a season revenue of over 100 million euros. Top of the League 2007-2008 is Real Madrid with almost 400 million revenue, followed by Manchester United and FC Barcelona; exactly the 2 clubs of this evening.

By investigating the online presence of both clubs, I was honestly positively surprised, and especially about Man. U. They have a great online presence with many web 2.0 features (excellent overall website, streaming of games and interviews, newsletter, blogs, forums, mobile integration, many subscription based services, loyalty programmes etc). The club is also on Twitter. You clearly see that their online presence is a real marketing and revenue producing well-oiled engine. There is something for everyone.

Barcelona is not bad either, though Man U. is doing better. A beautiful win-win concept of Barca is the fact that season ticket holders can sell their ticket to the club for the games they won’t attend. They get a fixed fee for that based on the ranking of the opponent. In return the club is allowed to resell that ticket to someone else for a higher price. In this way both the club (by getting more for the seat) and the season ticket holder (by selling his ticket for a game he is not attending) earn extra money.

Another commercial advantage Man U has is their stadium Old Trafford. It is a modern multi-functional complex with many possibilities including events and entertainments opportunities. Although Nou Camp (The Barca stadium) can cold more spectators, the stadium is 50+ years old and is less of a modern multi-functional complex.

And I would like to end with a quote from Rinus Michels (a famous Dutch manager) “Soccer is War”, in this case “Soccer is War for Money” is more accurate.


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