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Blog Recognition

Yesterday I catched the following blog post Six Events Related Blogs to Read. Nice to see recognition and the fact that people appreciate what I write.

I love to continue my contribution to the events business and the blogosphere overall.



About 10 days ago I had an interesting conversation with Malcolm Lotzof, VP InXpo about their virtual event platform and the future of virtual events.

Many VEP (Virtual Event Platforms) find their origin or in the webcast arena or in the digital design groups, while not many combine both components right from the start. And that is a fundamental strength; content is king – not only for live events but also for virtual events and if you can top that with a nice and easy design. And integrate web 2.0 components, you have your ducks in a row for a nice solution. InXpo has that. It is not the first time that I mention here that I like their platform (disclaimer: while I have nothing to do with them).

I am more interested in the future and there Malcolm is the first person who was able to identify several opportunities and possibilities for any VEP. It is not just about a virtual trade show, it is not just about building an online copy of a physical event. It is more.

VEP could grow into virtual community platforms where people connect and discuss topics with common interest. And a VEP can grow into a content library platform where people easily can find content, search and connect. Wouldn’t it be nice if all video content of a company’s website would be hosted in the same VEP? Wouldn’t it be nice if people could interact about this content (doc library) on the same VEP? Wouldn’t that be an opportunity for any VEP?

InXpo unveils Twitter Integration

Last week InXpo, one of the best providers of virtual event platforms around the world, unveiled their Twitter integration.

This brings an extra dimension to the platform and adds value. I have seen events where people are able to attend and other ones that are not able to attend – for whatever virtual event platform reason. Twitter and other social media tools are an excellent medium to get this feedback . It is a mistake to only listen to the people able to attend and feedback via the platform. The inforation from people not able to attend is vital for innovation and improvements.

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