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Apple Worldwide Developer Conference: Where is the online part?

In the current economical environment focus in the events industry is on cost savings, making sure the right people are attending your events and how can we leverage the internet to scale the content and messaging. There is a shift towards virtual events and hybrid solutions (meaning a combination of a live event with an online component). Many IT companies (Oracle, HP, VMWare, Microsoft etc) are testing and trying how deep the water is and what could be the best – or maybe better a “good” – solution.

Therefore I am a bit disappointed about the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. The event started yesterday but on the official website nothing can be seen about the event. It is still the good old marketing site to promote the event. The only reference is a message that post event you will be able to buy a subscription to see the taped breakout sessions.

Isn’t this a missed opportunity? Why not have a kind of “Apple TV” with newsflashes from on site? Why not have a few teaser sessions online?

By searching on Twitter I was able to find the keynote video stream, on an Apple URL even! Apple itself is not really connecting the dots. The attendees twittering doing it for them. And from the category list you can see that the conference is a hot topic.

Companies should integrate social media better in their marketing strategies, surely in the IT industry where the audience is ahead of the “marketing” game.


No Jobs at Apple Developer Conference

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is one of these aspiring and inspiring people to watch and listen too. I haven’t had the chance to see him live but saw several keynotes online. It is amazing to see how he can bring a message and market a product.

They key thing is that he brings only a few messages, builds up the excitement and uses images rather than text as a slide support. An image says more than 1000 words.

The newsbulletin.

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference Sold Out

Even in difficult times it is possible to sell out. Not by having a smaller venue :-).

Perception is everything, a great brand another and do the right thing for your audience.

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.

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