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The Future of Facebook

Interesting article!!


The New Efficiency

I just have been exploring the Microsoft New Efficiency Launch on the Virtual Event Platform. Each new event on the platform is adding features and functionality.

  • In this release I especially like the 2 screens for watching the presentations; you now see the presenter and the slide deck in the configuartion you want (big, small, side by side etc). Whatever you say, I prefer to see the presenter. It keeps me more focussed and more eager to stay and listen.
  • The Notice Board with special announcements and ready to click items. Faster access to critical items.
  • The evolvement of the social media integration, especially Twitter and the sharing functionalities.

What you also see here is the way Microsoft is scaling the content of the small live event in SanFrancisco. Not only via the Virtual Event Platform event but also via the New Effciency Launch website. Both digital channels are just a means to an end and the content is consumed in a media player. 

The expo is there, all breakout sessions are here. The positive thing is that it takes less clicks than before to actually see a session and with the 2 screens … A really neat improvement.



About 10 days ago I had an interesting conversation with Malcolm Lotzof, VP InXpo about their virtual event platform and the future of virtual events.

Many VEP (Virtual Event Platforms) find their origin or in the webcast arena or in the digital design groups, while not many combine both components right from the start. And that is a fundamental strength; content is king – not only for live events but also for virtual events and if you can top that with a nice and easy design. And integrate web 2.0 components, you have your ducks in a row for a nice solution. InXpo has that. It is not the first time that I mention here that I like their platform (disclaimer: while I have nothing to do with them).

I am more interested in the future and there Malcolm is the first person who was able to identify several opportunities and possibilities for any VEP. It is not just about a virtual trade show, it is not just about building an online copy of a physical event. It is more.

VEP could grow into virtual community platforms where people connect and discuss topics with common interest. And a VEP can grow into a content library platform where people easily can find content, search and connect. Wouldn’t it be nice if all video content of a company’s website would be hosted in the same VEP? Wouldn’t it be nice if people could interact about this content (doc library) on the same VEP? Wouldn’t that be an opportunity for any VEP?

InXpo unveils Twitter Integration

Last week InXpo, one of the best providers of virtual event platforms around the world, unveiled their Twitter integration.

This brings an extra dimension to the platform and adds value. I have seen events where people are able to attend and other ones that are not able to attend – for whatever virtual event platform reason. Twitter and other social media tools are an excellent medium to get this feedback . It is a mistake to only listen to the people able to attend and feedback via the platform. The inforation from people not able to attend is vital for innovation and improvements.

Study: 40% of Twitter is pointless babble

Last week I wrote about the World of Socialnomics and the importance, role social media (like Twitter) is playing.

There are other studies and reports in this area.

Lately an article in the San Francisco Chronicle was referring to a study that states that 40% of Twitter is pointless babble. I don’t disagree. A lot of it IS pointless babble. The question is how you are using social media like Twitter in marketing campaigns and customer service and responsiveness. Tons of opportunity. You need to know what you want and how you want it. There are tons of people only interested in connecting with friends and what is going on in other people’s world.

Another interesting report is the one from a 15 year old intern at Morgan Stanley about “How Teenagers are Consuming Media”. Very good read for marketeers. They are the professionals of the future.

And here you find a response to the report above.

One thing is for sure “Marketing will evolve” and social media will play a bigger role. No surprise.

Welcome to the World of Socialnomics

Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

Very interesting data and maybe an eye opener in some areas. This video shows the power and influence social media has and surely will have.

Everyday we are overwhelmed by data and information overload, today more then ever. And that data is a combination of looking for data and getting data automatically. In the future we won’t search for the news anymore, via social media the news will reach us.

Cisco Live Networkers: A Hybrid Approach

Last week Cisco Live Networkers took place in San Francisco. Cisco opted for a hybrid event approach; meaning a combination of a “live” event with a “virtual” component.

At the live event, content and interactivity are the keywords; keynote sessions, breakout sessions, expo area, ask-the expert sessions, hands-on labs, instructor-led labs, certification testing , social activities etc. “Knowledge is Power” is a well chosen tagline.

The virtual component – I intentionally write “component” – is not replacing the actual physical event. It is offering an alternative to people. I also see it as an extension where Cisco tries to bridge the gap between offline and online attendees to offer a full event experience beyond the actual live event dates in order to link people with the Cisco brand and products.

The live attendees get full access to the virtual component as an additional benefit, while premier subscribers of the online event get a 2 day full fledged virtual event and access to all sessions and content post event (same package as live attendees) and finally there is a guest entry to the online experience for free (you can see some content).

I clearly see value in these type of leveled offerings in order to reach more people and scale the content. It can help pay the platform investment while reaching more people.

The virtual component is built on the InXpo platform. It is the most extensive hybrid event I have seen so far. It is not just having taped content sessions, a resource centre, an expo area and a lounge area (the 4 traditional components of a live event). This one has more elements; a media and analysts area, links with social media to improve interactivity, blog center, a prize centre, a scavenger hunt. Some of these features can be categorized under one of the four traditional ones.

Most elements are an online representation of the live event component. From earlier posts you know that I am not convinced this is the holy grail in virtual event conferences. Though Cisco in this case adds Web 2.0 features and brings in the social media aspects. The virtual experience is a “website” on its own, where Cisco is playing in the Web 2.0 space.

I am quite sure a lot of work and thinking has gone into setting up and building the “experience”. How do you measure the return on investment in this case; the number of online premier subscribers, the number of guest subscribers, how many can you convert into the higher offering, how long do they stay online, how many interactions, feeding the pipeline, knowledge transfer, brand and product awareness etc.

Interesting. Evolution.

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