I am Gerd De Bruycker and I work for a big IT company (based in Redmond :-)) in the Central Marketing Group. Specialised in everything that has to do with Event Marketing and the Events Business overall. Started with organizing small events and evolved to be the overall owner and organizer of a few events with 10.000 attendees. Now serving as a event marketing excellence manager.

To know more about me you can find my bio on LinkedIn.

This blog will focus on insights about:

  1. Events business & marketing
  2. Virtual events business & marketing
  3. The use of social media
  4. Sportsmarketing

Further I will post “general musings” and “oneliners”. These are also the categories the posts will fall in.

My niche and expertise is:

  1. How do events fit in an overall marketing campaign
  2. How the business connects with event marketeers and
  3. The connection between the business owners of an event and the people making sure the events happen from a logistical and project management point of view.

Finally, I am following and actively participate in the web 2.0 area and how this all relates to “Conferences 2.0” (meaning the combination of digital event marketing, social media and the live events business).

I have a big passion for technology and soccer (the real European thing) and I love realising big things to be proud of.

[Everything I write is written by me and represents only me and my opinions. Not my employers or indeed anyone else for that matter.]


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