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Registration Trend in Dubai

When we decided to do Microsoft Tech Ed Middle East, this meant it was the first fee paying event we would do in the region for a technical audience (developers and IT professionals).

Normally the registration trend for this type of events is slow in the beginning, takes a spike with compelling offers that expire at a given point in time (early bird, super early bird) to then keep steady until the end.

In Dubai we experienced a different trending. Registration was also slow (let’s say very slow) in the beginning but it continued like that until two weeks before the event. This made it very challeging for planning and budgeting. I was worried but I must admit that the local team was confident that towards the end many people would register. And that happened. After the slow start we have seen an exponential curve towards the end of registration. Just AMAZING. Quite a few people even registered and paid on site (flying in from different countries).

The Middle East was/is surely a last minute sign up “paradise”.


The Future of Facebook

Interesting article!!

Virtual Events in 3D

I have seen “Alice in Wonderland” over the weekend and I was wondering if 3D could enhance the attendee experience of a virtual event (despite the special glasses and some headache)?

3D movies and a whole 3D experience is basically a game where technology is fooling our brain to give us a 3D experience. I am fan of it. You come closer to the action and feel more part of it, add a surround system and it even gets better. Would’t that be nice as a virtual event experience? The question of course is if it is worth the investment? Highly likely not.

Back Online

It is now almost 3 months since I posted something. I have been on holidays and enjoyed my family over the end of year season and since January I have been extremely busy with Microsoft Tech Ed Middle East. But now, I am back.

I will do a series about doing business in the Middle East and share my experiences. It has been an interesting though very different experience.

And I will catch up on virtual events. I find it really a pity that I have missed the Virtual Edge conference. A shame.

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