Impact of Economy on Corporations

What I have seen over the last 12 months is that corporations are adapting to the economic climate. This typically means downsizing and reducing budgets.

The other things that I noticed and that people not always get is that employees still are expected to do at least the same amount of work with less resources and less budgets. Less resources would mean corporations would outsource more, but there is no money for that. Because of less resources and less budgets, employees are faster asking for manager approval and escalate easier. This adds to the workload as people are creating more work wihile there are less resources and less budgets. Which lead to the fact that the irritation level of employees get reached more easily. Bottom line, not an ideal position to be in.

Companies should think aout this and create again a positive environment but focussing on the right things, quality over quantity. Pick your battles and be creative. And allow people to take risks!


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