The Success of a Virtual Event Platform

Last week I met with Steve Ellis, Chief Executive of Metia (“a digital agency with marketing experience” in his own words) and we talked about virtual events and virtual event platforms.

One of the topics we discussed was the statement that the success of a virtual event and a virtual event platform is not just depending on the quality of the platform but a combination of many things.

A virtual event platform has two main audiences for success; the attendees of the virtual events on the platform and secondly an internal one (meaning the deployment of the platform within a company).

From an attendee perspective, a virtual event can only be successful if the organizer understands his/her target audience and provides them with what they need. Seems very obvious, but in reality … oh so difficult. The extra challenge is that online events are something rather new and many people are looking for the best format and components, which leads to opportunities. In all this the virtual event platform is just a means to an end. But of course, it needs to work properly and be a bit fancy to attract people.

The success of a virtual event platform within a company is a different story. The technical platform should be working flawlessly (easier said than done) and is considered a given. Though many other components play a role; internal rollout and communication, proper training, readiness and support documents, a few easy wins, success stories, internal evangelists and political capital, proper back office tools so people can provide their content … 

The second internal audience is what people sometimes forget.

The best platform doesn’t always win. The one with the best overall plan does.


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