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Oneliner #5

“Sometimes it takes guts to achieve something”.

This is a perfect example.


Oneliner #4

“Assumption is the mother of all fuckups”

Study: 40% of Twitter is pointless babble

Last week I wrote about the World of Socialnomics and the importance, role social media (like Twitter) is playing.

There are other studies and reports in this area.

Lately an article in the San Francisco Chronicle was referring to a study that states that 40% of Twitter is pointless babble. I don’t disagree. A lot of it IS pointless babble. The question is how you are using social media like Twitter in marketing campaigns and customer service and responsiveness. Tons of opportunity. You need to know what you want and how you want it. There are tons of people only interested in connecting with friends and what is going on in other people’s world.

Another interesting report is the one from a 15 year old intern at Morgan Stanley about “How Teenagers are Consuming Media”. Very good read for marketeers. They are the professionals of the future.

And here you find a response to the report above.

One thing is for sure “Marketing will evolve” and social media will play a bigger role. No surprise.

Peers give early Feedback on Marketing Concepts

Much the way consumers can solicit feedback on their own appearance through, marketers can now get early thoughts on new designs and concepts through a community of peers at Concept Feedback.

Concept Feedback (currently in beta) is designed specifically for marketers, graphic designers and web developers to provide a simple tool for getting free, sincere feedback from like-minded professionals. Website designs, ads, logos, videos, presentations and more can all be uploaded to the site and submitted for review by other members; the person posting the material keeps all rights. Using a standard review template for consistency, professionals participating on the site can then offer their constructive advice, which gets automatically collected and archived for the submitting member. A system of reputation scores, meanwhile, keeps members honest and helps interpret their advice.

There is a big list of categories, though there isn’t one for events. Which shouldn’t prevent people to test their event marketing efforts.

Welcome to the World of Socialnomics

Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

Very interesting data and maybe an eye opener in some areas. This video shows the power and influence social media has and surely will have.

Everyday we are overwhelmed by data and information overload, today more then ever. And that data is a combination of looking for data and getting data automatically. In the future we won’t search for the news anymore, via social media the news will reach us.

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