Events is not a Transactional Business

 This is just like sales. Where sales shouldn’t be the ultimate goal, the final transaction. No, sales should be the beginning of an ongoing relationship, an ongoing conversation. Sales is not spreadsheet management behind a laptop. Sales is a conversation between people, whatever the channel.

 Same with events. They are part of the marketing mix. They are an element of relationship marketing, not a transaction. A recruiting event (for ISV’s on a different platform, for potential new customers, for entering new markets) is the start of an ongoing relationship. Other events targeting existing customers and partners will/may have different objectives (knowledge transfer, brand connection, loyalty, community building, evangelism etc) as part of relationship marketing mix then recruiting events, they are part of an ongoing relationship. They are part of a conversation between people/companies.

 Companies who consider events as a transaction, miss the clue. Lead generation events need to have a clear connection with sales. There needs to be a handover point between marketing (responsible and accountable for the events) and sales for the pipeline follow up and continuing the conversation.


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