The Future of Virtual Conferences (2)

I received quite some reactions on my first post about the Future of Virtual Conferences. And most people agree with the direction I was referring to. Also see this post of Steve Ellis.

Last week the Micosoft TechNet team (IT Professionals) from Microsoft UK had a successful virtual conference. Personally I have my doubt about a day long virtual conference. But hey they were succesful. And the reason is that they thought about what they wanted to achieve at the virtual event and post the event right from the start.

Good positioning (alternative to a roadshow), involvement of the target audience themselves, inviting them to participate in the pilot, ask for feedback all the way and help select the right content. Basically anything you should do for a live physical event as well.

As I refered to in my previous post, they integrated with Twitter to provide instant feedback, respond to questions etc. And further they had the interactivity with competitions and online chats. And they do the “office hours” concept I wrote about (post event at certain times the speakers will again be available for questions and online chats). The content will be available for another 3 months post event.

So far this is among the best I have seen so far, concept wise. The platform is only a means to an end.

There is no magic, only hard work and clever thinking.


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