Social Media: Where Offline meets Online

Botellon is a perfect example where offline meets online and the power of social media. Botellon (Spanish for big bottle) originally started in the early nineties in Spain.

Today social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook ( as well as SMS and chat) are used to bring people together in a public place at a certain point in time and have a drink. Everyone brings his own booze and mostly these gatherings end in a party.

With the end of the school season we are seeing the first botellon in Belgium, more precisely in Ghent. It started as a little joke to bring together some friends but rather quickly 1.400 people subscribed via the Facebook page. I like it.

In this economic downturn and starters not earning much money anymore, this is a cheap alternative compared to a visit to the pub. Let’s hope the weather stays sunny and dry.

Social media play more and more an important role in these kind of events and gatherings.


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