Oneliner #3


Too many times I see groups, people go straight into execution before thinking and planning. They are unders stress and time pressures. Fair enough. Though nothing can compare with thinking and answering questions upfront before they arise. You’ll make up all the planning time during the execution phase.


2 Responses to “Oneliner #3”

  1. 1 Grenville Houser June 24, 2009 at 13:21

    Completely agree with you Gerd. Currently virtual can only compliment, It isn’t a replacement for the face-to-face.How do you begin to evaluate the true worth of the out-of-session networking opportunities that are part and parcel f the live event? Mind you I think virtual is making us all think again about how we do put together our live events. The shorter more concise TED style presentations are far more palatable. My dad always use to say that all you needed to do was ‘hook’ an audience. If they engaged they would go and find out more (deep-dive) about the subject for themselves. Maybe this is how we should be viewing the on-line tools – as an integral support for the live. Use the live to cover more milage and engage on a higher plain. Look at plugging the virtual into the live experience not as a stand off, stand alone add-on…

  2. 2 Chris Dyer June 24, 2009 at 19:45

    Great information Gerd on acting too quickly, this unfortunately happens all to much, and many are negatively affected by this.

    My only addition to this would be to not only have a plan, but to provide a precise vision of what the finished product will be, whether it’s an actual product or a presentation, etc. Knowing this eliminates speculation or self interpretation over what the final deliverable will be – I’ve had some recent experience with this and it causes undo stress.

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