The Marketing Value of Cristiano Ronaldo

Florentino Perez, the chairman of Real Madrid (soccer) is going deep in his pockets to challenge FC Barcelona next year – as well in the Spanish League as in the Champions League. Today Real announced the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo (currently the best soccer player in the world) from Manchester United for the little sum of 94 Million EURO, an all time high.

Last week Real also bought Ricardo Kaka from AC Milan for the sum of 68 Million EURO. To give you an idea about the enormousness of the amounts, these 2 transfers equal the full working budget of all Belgian First Divison teams for a season.

And you also should know that Real has an outstanding overall debt of nearly 300 Million EURO.

Believe it or not, economists specialized in sports confirm that these players pay themselves by the worldwide merchandising, portrait rights, exclusive sponsor deals, season tickets, hopefully better results etc. David Beckham is a perfect example, probably the best. As a consequence we may say that the value of the transfer is reflecting the marketing value of the player.

Soccer is big business.

Cristiano Ronaldo


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