Great Marketing Idea

Everyone knows how tough the economy is these days. Microsoft is a company as any other blue chip company with Wall Street accountabilities and obligations. So, the company isn’t immune and has gone through lay-offs.

It is sad to see how several great people have been impacted (Steve Riley, Eileen Brown etc). Miel Van Opstal is one of them and I know him as a very passionate interactive marketing guy. And he has come up with a brilliant marketing idea. As a company, you can book Miel for one day for free to work for you until he has found a new job. This is a perfect way to get to know him and see if he is worth it to join your company.

Basically what Miel is doing here is turning around the hiring process. Instead of him looking for a job, he invites companies to book him for free for a day. This is clever thinking and his website got over 20.000 hits in the first 36 hours (the site even crashed for a moment) and made the national press. I am sure he won’t be out of a job for long.

This is perfect evidence that every situation has its upside. And I refer to my first oneliner on this blog.

By the way, I can highly recommend Miel as a great passionate interactive marketing guy. Any experiental marketing agency should be glad having him on board.

All the best, Miel. Great Idea!


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