FC Barcelona: Respect and Leadership

FC Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League

FC Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League

Yesterday evening FC Barcelona has won the UEFA Champions League. And the “RESPECT” tagline of UEFA was omni-present. Respect for every aspect of the game and its followers.  The message is/was clear and in return I show my respect for the way the best team in the world has beaten Manchester United. Just brilliant, they play the best soccer at this moment.

But what has this to do with Sports Marketing? Well, at the same time I show tons of respect for the shirt advertising of Barca. It is the only top team in the world who doesn’t get paid for shirt advertising. They deliberately haven chosen to put “UNICEF” on their shirts for free. As a matter of fact they pay Unicef each year 1,5 million EURO. That is respect and leadership. While other top teams get 10+ million EUR for shirt sponsoring.

From a brand perspective, make sure you connect your brand with a winning team. You can’t underestimate the impact on perception and image. And this goes both ways. I wouldn’t like to be the manager of a team with a bank as shirt sponsor. Will “AIG” still be the shirt sponsor of Man U. next year?


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