Attendees become Participants

The continuously emerging trends in society and IT have their impact on how companies think about marketing and on how they spend their marketing dollars, including events budgets. More efforts and dollars will go into digital marketing integrated projects where Web 2.0, social networking, the power of the consumer define the next playing field.

We are evolving from “interrupt” to “engage”, from “push” to “pull”, from “solitude” to “social networking”, from “brand control” to “brand co-creation”, from a “dialogue” to a “relationship”, from a “viewer” to a “participant” etc.

Every company talks about their CONNECTION with their audience.

We shouldn’t talk anymore about “Attendees” and “Delegates” but about “PARTICIPANTS”. That is what people attracts in nowadays events; engagement, participation, collaboration, input etc. They want to participate to make it relevant for them. Over are the days of “one-way traffic”, participants want to be part of the experience.




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